The birth of the RSM It all started during the IV Games of La Francophonie which took place in Ottawa-Hull Canada in 2001. The evening organized in honor of the Malagasy sports delegation, allowed 2 groups of fervent supporters of Malagasy athletes to meet. On the one hand there were the "MYP" - Malagasy Young People from New York and New Jersey led by Naina Ramaherijaona, and the other from Ottawa-Hull led by Heritiana Andriamihamisoa. For the love of Sport, the two "Mpanentana" have agreed to organize a small Basketball match between Malagasy before the return of visitors to New York / New Jersey. The first meeting took place on the day of the closing of the Games. Among the players, note the friends of "Bekintana": Naina, Mika, Lipo, Andry (Cleveland). From the country side of the maple syrup, the Heritiana, Liva, Hery, Abdon, Elvis, Joseph, Tojo. This first match of Basketball took place in a special atmosphere, bringing our compatriots on their school yards (and their playgrounds) in Madagascar with the "Taim-bava" to amuse the gallery, and the "Mifanala" but all this in the tone of "Fihavanana" and sportsmanship. Delighted to have shared this afternoon and some phone calls later, Naina and Heritiana are planning a second meeting in the Canadian capital in May 2002. Meanwhile in Montreal, other Malagasy had begun to play. room between them to close the end of winter. Wanting to share the same emotions and the same atmosphere of the first meeting, Heritiana contacted one of the leaders of the Montreal indoor sport, Mbelo Rakotomalala. Having both participated in the RNS - National Sports Meeting (Mbelo for the city of Nancy and Heritiana Volleyball for Bezons and Amiens) and knowing both the formula to adopt for sports meetings, our two "Mpanentana" decided to organize a tournament of the same type but of a more modest scale than the well known and appreciated Malagasy sportsmen in Europe.